Custom Retail Displays That P-O-P!

Animated P-O-P

In partnership with

Shoppers want engagement. And often your last chance to interact with a customer is on the shelf at the point of sale. We deliver an interactive solution through our strategic partnership with Motion Display, the global leader in electronic paper displays.

With the power of e-paper to bring your brand message to life, our displays engage your shoppers’ senses and emotions.

Independent studies demonstrate the power of animated and flashing graphics to significantly improve customer awareness of a product as well as increase shopper engagement. That means more sales for your products.

IIG’s award-winning designs plus Motion Designs’ e-paper technology produce in-store advertising that delivers results. Running on small batteries, these displays are as easy to place as traditional static signage and can be installed virtually anywhere in the store environment.

Scroll through our gallery to see what custom P-O-P looks like.

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